Today’s youth are the leaders of tomorrow. Imagine what the world would be like if you could help raise an entire generation to be fearless and bold followers of Jesus. A generation of young people who are not conformed to this world, but who can discern what is good, pleasing and perfect in God’s eyes.

Therefore, how can you raise a generation to be more Christ-like? Keep reading for insights and inspiration that can help you be a better leader.


Where does the youth stand today?

In a day and age when being faithless has become a trend, it is both crucial and difficult to raise true disciples of Jesus.

Let’s look at the present reality:  youth-ministry-conferences-2016

A study by Lifeway Research highlighted a few factors that encouraged teenagers to stay in church.

Two of them were:

  • The pastor’s sermons were relevant to their lives.
  • At least one adult from church had made a significant investment in them, both personally
    and spiritually.

Therefore, what you do impacts God’s kingdom

As pastors and youth leaders, you play a key role in shaping the lives of young people! You lead them to the truth, and help them draw strength from the Word. Thus, you prepare them to clad themselves with the armor of God as they face the giants of this world.

You can be better equipped to lead the next generation

Serving the youth can be very challenging and draining. Every now and then, you need a break to refocus and keep up with the ever-changing youth culture.

Church conferences give you the best of both worlds. They take you away from your hectic work routine, while helping you focus on rebuilding yourself in the midst of inspiring speakers and like-minded leaders.

Fortunately, a range of church conferences that support youth ministry are scheduled across the country in 2016.


Passion Conference 2016, Atlanta

Passion 2016 kick-starts the year in Atlanta and Houston. This conference serves both youth groups and youth leaders. Powerful messages by well-known voices such as Louie Giglio and Ravi Zacharias are sure to help you lead the youth better. In addition, worship led by Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman and others will be nothing short of an uplifting experience. You can check out the highlights of Passion 2016 here. 

The National Conference on Youth Ministries, in Colorado, is a good choice if you’re looking for a training-based conference. It will help bring you up to speed with the changing youth culture. Moreover, you will get the necessary resources to minister better in the midst of these radical changes.

The Progressive Youth Ministry Conference, in Dallas, is designed specifically for youth workers who identify themselves as either progressive or liberal. Catherine Keller and other speakers will decode the theme for the year, Faith In The Age Of Reason. You can also browse over 350 church conferences scheduled for 2016 by simply CLICKING HERE. 

Ignite 2016 and Youth America Leadership Conference are two popular leadership conferences that focus on shaping youth workers to be sharper and better leaders. 


CIY Move

The Christ In Youth Move conference gives pastors the opportunity to mentor their youth groups during the breakout sessions. The CIY Move module not only brings youth groups closer to God but also closer to each other.

This event tours in 23 different locations in 2016, so make sure you don’t miss the one that is near you!

If you are looking to lead your youth ministry better, you now know that church conferences can be very helpful. Has this post inspired you to attend more youth ministry conferences this year? Which of these conferences are you planning to attend in 2016?

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