One of the premier leadership church conferences, Sticky Teams was back in 2016 with conferences in Lancaster, PA, Charlotte, NC, and San Diego, CA. All these power-packed conferences featured an incredible lineup of speakers including Larry Osborne, Albert Tate and Chris Brown.

With real and honest conversations about life and ministry, these leaders sparked the hearts and minds of the thousands! Continue reading to relive a few leadership lessons from these three conferences.


The very first Sticky Teams conference for 2016 was held at the LCBC Church in Manheim, PA. Here are a few quotes from this Sticky conference:

Albert Tate kick-started this 2-day event and fired up a house full of church leaders with these inspiring thoughts:

  • “I’m going to turn your strengths down so I can turn up my glory in your life.”albert-tate-quotes
  • “He doesn’t want your duty, He wants your desire!”
  • “In your time of despair, you can either get bitter or get better.”

Larry Osborne addressed the crowd about the constant process of learning as a leader. Here are some of the key points from his message:


  • “At the end of the day, we don’t get what we teach – we produce what we are.”
  • “Leadership is the art of the possible, not the ideal.”
  • “The best players don’t win championships; the best team does.”

Dave Enns delivered a powerful message with these eye-opening insights:

  • “Many churches don’t grow because the leader won’t let go.”sticky-teams-2016-quotes
  • “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”
  • “The real world doesn’t need ‘fake’ Christians, they need more real (meaning honest) ones.”

After firing up church leaders in Lancaster, The Sticky Teams conference made its way to Lake Forest Church in Huntersville, NC. Here are a few valuable takeaways from
this conference:

Chris Brown shared these leadership truths:

  • “No matter how big you get, when you stop caring – you stop leading!”chris-brown-conference-quotes
  • “Insecure leaders hold onto their titles. Jesus picked up a towel.”

Larry Osborne laid out more leadership insights. Here are a few key lessons from his message:

  • “Our influence should be in who we are, not what we say.”
  • “Whenever my passion overcomes my compassion, I am no longer a shepherd.”
  • “It was the Pharisees who tried to raise the bar, Christ continually lowered it.”

The last Sticky Teams Conference for 2016 was held in San Deigo, CA in October. Here are some riveting quotes from this conference:

Mark Clark shook the room with these ministry truths:

  • “Your ministry is never going to be about you!  It’s God through you!”sticky-teams-2016-quotes
  • “Recognize why you do what you do: it’s to set bound people free!”
  • “The Spirit does not change what you do, it changes what you want to do.”

Larry Osborne challenged church leaders with these thoughts:

  • “We need to teach and preach assuming that 20% of the room has never opened a
    Bible before.”
  • “Never take a risk unless you can handle its failure.”
  • “There’s a big difference between a substitute and a teaching team.”

These were a few memorable quotes from the Sticky Teams conferences in Lancaster, Charlotte and San Deigo in 2016. We hope that these quotes will guide you as you lead your church forward. If you have missed these Sticky Teams conferences, do sign up for their next conferences in the new year.

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