Dr. Larry Osborne is the senior pastor of North Coast Church in Vista, CA, as well as a leadership consultant and author of best-sellers like Sticky Teams (2010) and Thriving in Babylon (2014). His passion for leadership and discipleship has made him a sought-after speaker and a nationally recognized trainer. We have, therefore, brought you some of Larry’s most compelling quotes.


In 2015, Larry Osborne inspired thousands of church leaders at different conferences. Here are some of his best quotes from these church conferences in 2015:

Sticky teams – Leading Well

This annual conference organized by North Coast Church gathered over 800 Christian leaders in Charlotte and San Diego in 2015. Larry Osborne delivered powerful messages at both these locations. Here are some practical nuggets from his sessions:

  • “Great leaders are ruthlessly focused on the vision.”
  • “When you are too risk averse, you are also success averse.”
  • “Some will make any sacrifice as long as it doesn’t impact their power, prestige or
    their preferences.”
  • “Leadership is the art of the possible not the ideal.”
  • “Spend more time with the mirror of Scripture than the binoculars of Scripture.”
  • “How I’m living is more important than how I’m preaching.”
  • “You cannot minister to people if you’re angry with their limitations.”

Life Links International Conference

Keeping with the 2015 theme Synergy, Larry Osborne encouraged pastors and leaders with great ideas for effective leadership. We have highlighted a few key thoughts from his sessions Leading well and Why Some Teams Win:

  • “Don’t lord it over people by telling them what to do but shepherd and lead them by showing them what to do.”
  • “So much would change about our ministries if we would have the perspective that we are in this for the marathon and not for the spread.”
  • “Winning teams have winning players, and winning players have these two traits – great leadership skills and the ability to adapt.”
  • “Never ignore the lack of people skills because of an abundance of Bible knowledge.”

RightNow Conference

In November 2015, Larry Osborne challenged thousands of Christian leaders to press on with a Daniel-like hope in order to thrive in our present culture. Here are some inspiring thoughts from him:

  • “We have lost our right to influence because we pick the wrong battles.”
  • “God is in control of who is in control.”
  • “May God restore to us a Daniel-like hope, a Daniel-like humility and a Daniel-like wisdom.”
  • “You might think that your light is nothing. But the darker it gets, the brighter your light shines. The greater difference it makes. Push the button and let it shine!”

Were you a part of any of these conferences? If not, be sure to catch Larry Osborne live in 2016! He is scheduled to speak at Sticky Teams, Thrive Conference, Exponential East and a few other conferences. For more inspiration, you can also check out these top quotes from Ed Stetzer. 

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