As a pastor, you are called to serve, shepherd and strengthen your community in order to build God’s Kingdom. The task entrusted to you is big and demanding. Therefore, at some point you will need help to keep your hands raised for the battle, just as Moses needed Aaron and Hur.

Church conferences give you the support to carry on with renewed skill and spirit. Keep reading to learn more about how church conferences can help uplift you and your ministry.


Church conferences give you a chance to fellowship with, and learn from like-minded pastors and Christian leaders from around the globe. Fortunately, many church conferences are held across the country, each catering to the different needs of pastors and church leaders. You can browse over 350 church conferences RIGHT HERE.  Here are seven ways in which church conferences can empower the pastor in you. 

Replenish to bear greater fruit

church-conferences-empower-pastorsAn average week for a pastor roughly comprises 65 hours of work, devoted to sermon preparation, counseling, discipleship, prayer and so much more! This hectic work routine, however satisfying it may be, is draining and can take a toll on you. Hence, you need a break every now and then to replenish and empower yourself.

Church conferences give you the chance to break away from your busy routine and focus on renewing yourself. This is where you are refilled spiritually, as well as equipped with ideas and tools to benefit your ministry. At the end of two or three power-packed days, you are left energized to give your best to the church and community.

Polish your armor

Whether you lead a church or a specific ministry, you will find conferences designed to help you with your specific needs. For example, the Ideas to Impact conference in Baltimore focuses on educating church leaders about the latest technologies available for ministries. The Children’s Pastors’ Conference in Tennessee, on the other hand, aims at inspiring and renewing pastors to serve children better.

Church conferences expose you to thought-provoking teaching that can expand your vision. Moreover, they leave you refreshed, deep-rooted in the Word and ready to overcome challenges.

Learn from speakers beyond the pulpit


Ravi Zacharias, Passion 2016

Church conferences put you under the same roof as well-known leaders, as they share valuable insights from their own experiences. In fact, you get to interact with them closely in one-on-one sessions and networking meals.

Such speakers bring in fresh perspectives and resources to help you steer your church in the right direction. Fortunately, speakers such as Louie Giglio, John Piper and Ravi Zacharias are kick-starting the church conferences in the US for 2017.

Gather as one

There is power in worshiping and praying with fellow members of your tribe, and being at a church conference gives you that experience. Moreover, it allows you to fellowship, support and learn from like-minded leaders who share the same burden of the Great Commission.

Bishop TD Jakes says, ‘One idea can cause a revolution’, and being among fellow pastors may just be the trigger you need for revolutionary ideas about growing the Kingdom.

Fill up your quiver with the right tools

Browsing exhibit booths can help you find the latest resources and tools to bless your ministry. The Proclaim 16 NRB in Tennessee, for example, hosts around 200 exhibitors. This award-winning expo, like many others, offers both innovative ideas and practical tools to boost your ministry.

Conference exhibits help you find the most useful technologies and resources for your ministry. Thus, these exhibits may be your best bet to meet hundreds of reliable vendors under one roof.

Take home more than just the experience

Church conferences are generally power-packed to give you a solid learning experience. However, you may want additional resources for the new learning to really sink in. Conferences such as Collyde and Synergize help pastors make the best of the messages by handing out free reference materials, which would cost a fortune otherwise.


Whether you learn more about church planting at the Exponential Conference or about new communication tools and technologies at NRB Proclaim 16, you will be replenished and rejuvenated, nonetheless. Ultimately, you will be better equipped to serve your ministry and empowered to accomplish the goals set for it. How else have you benefited from attending church conferences?

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